Extras Pricing


To ensure your drive is made more convenient and comfortable, we provide for you some optional extras.

In case the unexpected happens, such as loss of or damage to the vehicle as a result of theft, we offer Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Collision Damage Waiver transfers some risk from the Renter to DriveTime Car Rental Inc., such as theft of vehicle, damaged by accident, vandalism, with weather.  If the Renter does not pay DriveTime to waive damage, the Renter would be required to pay in full, repair, plus administrative charges and loss of use.

We also all know how exhausting it can be after a long day of driving and activities.  You can nominate additional drivers to share the drive home though our Additional Driver Service.

Not forgetting the safe journey of the little ones, we offer child and baby seats.

All of these value added services can be chosen at the time of booking your vehicle. Or contact us to find out more about how we can help boost your car hire experience.

Rental OptionFees Per Day2 Days to 3 Month Price
Additional Driver12.00 USD-
Car Seats3.00 USD-
Collision Damage Waiver15.00 USD-
Local Driver’s Permit12.00 USD23.00 USD

Note: A new Local Driver’s Permit will be required after a 3 month rental period

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